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Snoqualmie Falls

I know I have done a blog post on Snoqualmie Falls before, it is just I love it so much. I love the Salish Lodge, and I love Twin Peaks. It definitely makes me nostalgic of growing up in Issaquah, so close to where Twin Peaks was being filmed. I have heard that for the… Read more »

Pizza & Tomatoes Test

I got to test last weekend with the lovely Rachel Grunig. I always enjoy testing with her as she comes with such fantastic ideas for shoots, and we also then got to eat so much pizza. ¬†Not only was it really pretty, it was delicious. ūüôā ¬†Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Spain Part 2

Well I can’t believe that I have been back now for 3 weeks. ¬†Wow. ¬†Time sure flies! For the second half of the 2 week southern Spain trip, we left Marbella and headed north to Granada. ¬†Granada is most known for it’s Moorish influence and the Alhambra, which I highly recommend visiting. ¬†It was a… Read more »

Bay Lake, WA

I went on a girls weekend last weekend with some friends I have known for a very long time. ¬†Some even for more than 20 years. ¬†Such smart, funny, ladies, I couldn’t imagine us not having a good time. ¬†And it was nice to get away from the city, if only for a few days…. Read more »

Food Styling Workshop

Last weekend I took a food styling workshop from Clare Barboza. I have known of Clare since I started photography school, her food photography is wonderful. ¬†It was a great experience to take a 6 hour workshop from her and her food stylist colleague. ¬†I have been wanting to take more classes so I continue… Read more »


A few weekends ago I worked with a lovely local Seattle floral designer Keita Horn, who I had known from a past life, and past career. The results were so cute and fantastic! Here are some of my top picks.

Grand Lux Cafe

Back in December I was very lucky to have been asked to photograph for Grand Lux Cafe, down at the Cheesecake Factory Headquarters near LA. ¬†I was super excited to travel to LA, and I got to work on set with these lovely ladies,¬†Rachel Grunig¬†styling the props¬†and Marah Abel¬†styling the food. ¬†I think the pictures… Read more »

LA, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago I was super lucky to be able to go on vacation with my sister.¬† It was a quick trip, but we did so much. It was definitely the LA/Palm Springs Tour. We went to Venice & Hermosa Beach, downtown LA, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. Wow.¬† And then on short notice,… Read more »

Photo Test Extravaganza!

I recently did a photo shoot test with my friend Pip McKay, who has a blog called the Rainy Day Gourmet.¬† I picked out a few of my favorite shots from the shoot, posted above. We photographed salmon, lamb, mussels, halibut, veggies, steak, and even a few more!¬† I was pretty impressed with how fast… Read more »

Cozy Winter Recipes

Once again I was collaborating with my friends over at Pie Drunk, Allison & Liz.¬† This time I left all the recipe research and cooking up to them, the pros.¬†¬† They decided on two of the recipes from Love & Lemons.¬† You can find the recipes here.¬† One was a roasted butternut squash soup &… Read more »