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California, Santa Monica & Venice Beach

I went to California last month with my family, in part for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and also for my brother & sister’s (and my) birthday. Yes we are triplets.  My parents really wanted to go to Disneyland which they thought would be especially fun for my brother’s two little kids.  I really love… Read more »


At the beginning of September I was super excited to shoot for Paseo especially since they are basically THE iconic sandwich shop in all of Seattle and after they closed in Seattle temporarily there was rioting in the streets.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. They just announced they… Read more »

Cidercraft Magazine, Tailgating Pairing

About a month ago I worked with the team again over at Cidercraft Magazine for their featured cider pairing story, and this time it had a tailgate theme.  Thanks as always to Kristin Ackerman, Erin James, Randi Karabin, and chef Jason Scherer for making it all come together to look so great. All of the… Read more »

California Walnuts

Back in June I was lucky enough to work with California Walnuts photographing images for their school lunch program.  I was also able to photograph a few recipes for their home cook collection, like this Thai Chili & Garlic Walnut Noodle Salad.   I included a few of my favorites from the shoot which was styled… Read more »

Ocean Shores

Last weekend, I went to Ocean Shores  for a camping trip with my friend Anne.  I hadn’t been camping in a few years, which is pretty crazy for me.  When I was growing up, my parents would load us up in the van (4 kids), hook up the camper and we would head off.  We… Read more »

Summer Fun with Kate Spade

I can’t believe it was a month ago that I worked with my friend & colleague Stylist Angie Hansen on this super cute test shoot.  I don’t photograph product that often so when we talked about doing this, I was really excited that she wanted to incorporate this fun Kate Spade photorealistic grass printed blanket.  I immediately wanted… Read more »