LA, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago I was super lucky to be able to go on vacation with my sister.  It was a quick trip, but we did so much. It was definitely the LA/Palm Springs Tour. We went to Venice & Hermosa Beach, downtown LA, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. Wow.  And then on short notice, I was asked to go back to LA last week.  I feel very grateful to be able to travel for work from time to time, and am always happy to do it.  These new shots should be coming out a few months, and I and will be very excited to share them.  In upcoming work news, I have another upcoming magazine shoot this coming weekend, and a floral shoot in a few weeks.  Both should be pretty fun.  In upcoming personal news, I am going to the southern coast of Spain this summer, and I can’t wait!!!  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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