Food Styling Workshop

Last weekend I took a food styling workshop from Clare Barboza. I have known of Clare since I started photography school, her food photography is wonderful.  It was a great experience to take a 6 hour workshop from her and her food stylist colleague.  I have been wanting to take more classes so I continue to learn and don’t get stagnate in my photography style. It is good to remember that there are always things you can learn, especially from those who have been in the field longer than yourself.  I have another all day workshop lined up for August which I am also very excited about.  For me it is specifically good to learn a little bit about food styling, since it is a different field but closely related to food photography.  On commercial shoots typically there can be a food & prop stylist, which are both so important!  They really help to contribute to making photography look amazing.  I didn’t go into the class with the expectation it would be easy, and it certainly wasn’t any easier than I had thought.  🙂 Results below!

Amy_Johnson-3329 Amy_Johnson-3294 Amy_Johnson-3309 Amy_Johnson-3243

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