New Year’s Eve Hike and 2016, looking back

Last weekend I went to Franklin Falls (or tried to) with 5 of my girlfriends on New Year’s Eve Day. We thought it would be the perfect way to spend the last day of 2016. We headed out and first had brunch at Twedes, otherwise known as the Double R or RR from Twin Peaks fame. We did have a damn good cup o’ coffee but it was too early, at least for me, for some cherry pie. 😉 We then made our way to Franklin Falls but by the time we got there we were still about 2 miles from the trail head and the road was completely backed up with cars stuck in the snow. We headed the warning and turned around midway. We decided to do a nearby shorter hike, since hiking from where we would have to park would have been 12 miles round trip with a one year old. It wasn’t going to happen. However, the short hike we took was so lovely! I wish I knew exactly what the name of it was, near Denny Creek? I have a few shots from it. I really love being out in nature, but I don’t do well in the cold, so being all bundled like we were was perfect. I was so happy to be outside in the snow!  I hope for at least a few more winter hikes and maybe even some snowboarding this year. We ended the day going to dinner at Tamarind Tree, it was really nice and mellow for New Years. Exactly what I wanted.

Well 2016 was filled with travel, I went to the Treefort Music Festival in Boise Idaho, LA & Venice Beach twice. I went on two trips to visit my brother in Phoenix. I also photographed a few more magazine covers and several more magazine stories. I worked for some new and old clients. I started working a lot more for Amazon Prime’s restaurant delivery service, as a photographer. I went hiking and paddle boarding frequently over the summer, and went camping. I took 6 week mediation and yoga courses. I went on a girls weekend to Lavender Lake. I went to San Diego for Comic-Con International, which was amazing. I turned 40. I also fell in love and my got heart broken and one of my closest friends unexpectedly and suddenly passed away, and then you know, the election. Oh did I mention I sprained both my ankles at the same time??? WTF So this past year was filled with a lot of growth and exploration, and also with a lot of loss, recovery, and healing. It was filled with learning about who I am and what I want from life and who I want to be.  It has brought me more closeness and solidarity in my current relationships and so much appreciation for them. I also have a new found focus for what my goals for this coming year are.

For 2017 I really want to refocus on my photography, and continue to travel. I have my eyes on Mexico, Italy, and/or Morocco right now for far off places and New Orleans or the Everglades for closer trips. I want to keep up with my yoga and take another meditation class. I would like to shoot a cookbook this year and keep photographing for more magazines. I want to redesign my website and logo for one project that might take a bit longer. I also want to keep hiking and do a few more camping trips over the summer, but mostly I want to try to be more present and enjoy my everyday life. Not a lofty goal at all. Haha.


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