California, Santa Monica & Venice Beach

I went to California last month with my family, in part for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and also for my brother & sister’s (and my) birthday. Yes we are triplets.  My parents really wanted to go to Disneyland which they thought would be especially fun for my brother’s two little kids.  I really love Disneyland, so I was pretty excited for the trip. And it was really fun with one exception, my niece got really sick one of the days which would be the precursor to many others of us getting really sick as well. I had to have my sister bring over her anti nausea medicine from Cambodia the day after getting back! Ack! We are all much better now though. 🙂

On one of the days that we weren’t at Disneyland my sister, & brother-in-law, & I went to Venice, Santa Monica, & Malibu. I love Venice and go there frequently when visiting LA, which seems to be at least once a year.  I had never rented bikes in Venice before, which we did, and I will fdo now every time. It seems like the only mode of transportation which makes sense.  We biked along the beach from Santa Monica, and went up to the Venice Canals.  Some of the highlights were hitting Moon Juice, which I make sure to do every time I am there. We also went to Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica.  I had never been there but on the plane I watched a short about the best donuts in LA and Sidecar was one of the places listed, and it did not disappoint! I ordered one of the maple bacon donuts and one of the huckleberry.  OMG my mind was blown.  It was warm and crispy and tasted like it has just been made, which it probably had. One of the best donuts I have ever had, by far. We ended the day by going to Surfrider beach in Malibu and watching surfers and having dinner.  It was a really fun day and I can’t wait to go back.

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