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Cidercraft Winter 2016

  For the Winter 2016 issue of Cidercraft I was lucky to work on a lot of different stories in the magazine.  I worked on the food & cider pairing which is a collaboration of the editor Erin James, chef Jason Scherer, written by Jill Lightner, and a regular feature now.  This was shot on… Read more »

2015, Looking Back

I am always excited about the New Year.  I sit down and write up New Year’s resolutions before New Year’s Eve and look at them the night of.  These are typically about where I  want to go, what I want to do for the coming year.  This year I want to expand my photography, and… Read more »

Winter Simmer Pot

I have been thinking of a fun winter shoot to do, as I haven’t shot by myself without a stylist for a while, and a simmer kept popping up while looking for ideas.  In the past years I have done a lot of winter cookies and I wanted to do something a little different.  It… Read more »

Chicago Part 2

I went to my dear friend David’s wedding at the end of September in Chicago.  So happy for him & Aysha, she is a fantastic person. I had never been to a  traditional Jewish wedding before but it was very cool.  All of the rituals  showed so much love and support for the couple from friends,… Read more »

Chicago Part 1

I went to Chicago back in the end of September, for a dear friend’s wedding, which was lovely. I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends from Seattle be attending the wedding as well. We got to stay in the part of Chicago which now is most known for its food, Logan’s Square, in… Read more »

Feast Portland

In the middle of September (I AM SO BEHIND) my friend, co-worker, and fellow photographer Anne Cho and I took a trip to Portland for the annual Bon Appétit food festival, Feast Portland. I had been wanting to go since I heard about it a few years ago.  Saying the food was amazing is kind of an understatement…. Read more »

Snoqualmie Falls

I know I have done a blog post on Snoqualmie Falls before, it is just I love it so much. I love the Salish Lodge, and I love Twin Peaks. It definitely makes me nostalgic of growing up in Issaquah, so close to where Twin Peaks was being filmed. I have heard that for the… Read more »

Pizza & Tomatoes Test

I got to test last weekend with the lovely Rachel Grunig. I always enjoy testing with her as she comes with such fantastic ideas for shoots, and we also then got to eat so much pizza.  Not only was it really pretty, it was delicious. 🙂  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Photography Workshop

2 weekends ago I took a food photography workshop taught by Aran Goyoga, of Canelle et Vanilla which was lovely.  We spent the day learning about various tricks and tips about food photography, her process, photographers who inspire her and ate a beautiful and very delicious lunch. It was a lot of fun.  We got to… Read more »