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Ocean Shores

Last weekend, I went to Ocean Shores  for a camping trip with my friend Anne.  I hadn’t been camping in a few years, which is pretty crazy for me.  When I was growing up, my parents would load us up in the van (4 kids), hook up the camper and we would head off.  We… Read more »

Summer Fun with Kate Spade

I can’t believe it was a month ago that I worked with my friend & colleague Stylist Angie Hansen on this super cute test shoot.  I don’t photograph product that often so when we talked about doing this, I was really excited that she wanted to incorporate this fun Kate Spade photorealistic grass printed blanket.  I immediately wanted… Read more »

Cidercraft Pairing : Brunch!

I photographed the newest Spring/Summer Cidercraft pairing about a month ago with the team we have worked with since the very beginning, Jason Scherer as Chef, Randi Karabin as Designer, Erin James as Editor and Kristin Ackerman as Publisher.  I really loved how this pairing turned out so much from the beignets, to the truffle… Read more »

Sip Northwest -White Wines

I did a feature for Sip Northwest’s Spring 2016 issue on white wine varieties of the Northwest a month or so ago, which beaks down 6 different kinds of white wines, and all sorts of varieties you can get right here in the Northwest in preparation for the upcoming warmer weather. Hope you enjoy!  Thanks… Read more »

Boise! Treefort

I went on a trip to Boise, ID a few weekends ago with my dear friend Erin and her family.  We were going for Treefort which is Boise’s big music festival but so much more. There were also yoga/film/food/comedy/and beer festivals going on too.  If you are from Seattle think Bumbershoot or the Capitol Hill… Read more »

Springtime Floral Shoot

It has been a while since I posted but it is because I have been pretty busy and will have a lot of content to post now.  🙂 A few weekends ago I got to spend the day working with my wonderful colleague and friend Liz Herrera who is currently a stylist at Amazon.  She… Read more »