Whimsical Winter Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with my coworker Liz last weekend and having her style a fun winter themed photo shoot.  The ideas that she came up with were so fun and whimsical!  I really thought the end results were so beautiful.  I love winter & Christmas, so this was a great way to start the holiday season.  I look forward to it every year, winter walks, Christmas movies, looking at lights, the smell of fir and pine.

On a completely different note, my car was stolen this weekend.  In the time they had it, less than 12 hours, they cracked the bumper, side swiped something, took property, ripped out my Bluetooth system. And yes, while I am glad that they found my car, and thankful that the damage wasn’t worse, I can’t help but feel frustrated that someone took my property, which was in perfect condition, and destroyed it so thoughtlessly. While I do have insurance, I will be $$ in deductibles and towing charges.  Not to mention time dealing with insurance claims, police reports, getting it out of impound, and trying to get my car back to the condition it was 12 hours earlier.  I just can’t understand theft and vandalism, however I do believe in karma, and hopefully the thieves will realize one day how their actions affected someone else.  I am sure within a month or so, this will all be behind me.  And for that I am glad, for now I will just so the next thing I need to do. End rant. 🙂

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