Boise! Treefort

I went on a trip to Boise, ID a few weekends ago with my dear friend Erin and her family.  We were going for Treefort which is Boise’s big music festival but so much more. There were also yoga/film/food/comedy/and beer festivals going on too.  If you are from Seattle think Bumbershoot or the Capitol Hill Block Party with snippets from SIFF and Bite of Seattle mixed in.  I saw at least 12 bands over the course of 3 days.  My favorites of course were Built to Spill which I see so often it seems like these days, Charles Bradley (I’m in love!), Yacht, Magic Sword, and Coco Rosie (damn!). There was music going on each day, at at least 7 venues from noon to 2 AM, over the course of 5 days, so I could see how you could watch so many more bands then that even.  The only drawback was that it was 37 degrees out when the headliners were playing the first night outside.  BRRRRRR.  The next day it was much better though, 50 felt like a dream in comparison.

I was also able to take a few food classes at the Food Fort  of which the talk on Local and what that means was super fascinating.   It’s true, there are so many different perspectives on how local is defined, is it geographical, or does it mean purchasing by smaller organizations, and then within that, how do you even know the companies you are supporting are practicing ethical treatment of their employees and their livestock.  It was a really interesting topic.  I also got to take a food photography class which was the most succinct and useful 15 minute lecture on food photography I have ever seen. I did think it would be more like Feast in Portland, but it was much smaller, still the classes were interesting and worth it.

At Yogafort I got to attend the best most hippie yoga class I have ever been to at, where we all had our chakras cleansed for spring!  It was pretty amazing. I love my yoga super hippie so I was in total heaven.  It was awesome that they had matts available for those of us that were out of town and that the classes were included with our Treefort passes, as long as there was room.

All in all, it was a great trip and I would do it again for sure.  We bought the early-bird passes so the festival itself was dirt cheap.  So if I were able to get those again that would be amazing, since everything is all inclusive with your pass (minus you know food & beer), but all the shows and even the yoga classes and food talks are already included.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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