Winter Hiking in Snoqualmie

My sister and I went hiking a few weeks ago along the Snoqualmie Middle Fork River. As a word of warning, even though my car has AWD you may want to take a truck to get out there if you want to go down the whole road. We ended up stopping before the actual trail head because there were so many potholes. It was so pretty though. I really love hiking and being able to get outside during these dark, cold, winter months is really important to me. I love Seattle but have always had a hard time with the short days and wet, cold winters here.

A few other things that are saving my sanity are my upcoming trip to LA in a few weeks, and I have more restaurant shoots coming up for Amazon Restaurants. I also signed up for a few classes. One is at Gather Seattle, it is a plating class which I am excited for.  I am also excited about taking a class at Book Larder, I just have to pick one! I am pretty sure it will be the Spring Vegetables Class. I also have signed up for a Creative Live class.

In work news, I am super excited to be a second shooter at an upcoming event I was already looking forward to. Eek. And also, I found out that the book that I am a contributor to will be published this Summer, rather than this Fall! I am so excited to see the final product soon!



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