Westport, WA

I went to Westport camping a few weeks ago with a friend of mine, and it was so beautiful. I only wish I had taken more photos in town with my camera, I got plenty with my phone. I didn’t really sleep that well while I was there, which I am super sensitive to and I don’t think as clearly with not enough sleep. The campground had put down these gravel squares that they wanted us to pitch our tents on, which were super uncomfortable.  It was only with some pleading that they let me move my tent. Haha

We did get to go to Little Richards House of Doughnuts, and I swear it was the best maple bar I have ever had. They were almost completely sold out by the time we got there. We also went for a nice walk along the dunes and ate at one of the strangest restaurants I have ever eaten out.  Next time we will check out one of the restaurants along the water and maybe take a surfing lesson! We had a few dogs with us at the time, which made it a little hard to go surfing.  We also visited this cool lighthouse.

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