Venice Beach

Last month my sister and I went down to LA for our annual sister trip and stayed in Venice with the plan to get some sun. To our surprise and dismay it was the worst storm that they had seen in 10 years. There was flooding and it rained like crazy  (torrential downpour) with only a tiny bit of sun the first day we landed and the day we were leaving. Since we hadn’t planned for it, it threw off our plans slightly. We had a great hike planned in Laurel Canyon and were going to be riding bikes each day, which obviously neither happened. We did have a great time still, but the flooding was pretty crazy and even a sinkhole opened up in studio city.

The first night we went to dinner at Bar Marmont and the duck breast I had was phenomenal! The next time I will definitely try to get a reservation at Chateau Marmont. I had hoped to catch the glimpse of a star, but I think you have better luck in the restaurant. We also had breakfast at Gjelina again, which was so good. We did try to get reservations there for dinner, but I think it has a few month waiting list for dinner, not so hard for breakfast though. We also got to try Salt & Straw right on Abbott Kinney and we both, after tasting all the ice cream flavors settled on the black olive brittle & goat cheese. OMG. We also had dinner at the Rose Cafe. I would say the dinner was ok. The pizza was great! However there was just one pizza on the menu.  The restaurant has so many different things you can try there, and it’s gigantic and almost takes up the whole block. You can basically order anything you might be in the mood for.

My favorite place we went to eat was Cafe Gratitude where the waiter came up to us and told us the topic of the day, which that day was how were we making a positive impact in the world? And then the food items all had names like Brave or Courage, and then he would say, YOU ARE COURAGEOUS.  It was pretty amazing. And the food was fantastic too. We of course always go to was Moon Juice, I actually made my sister go twice and I picked up some Spirit Dust for the road. For our last night we went to this amazing dinner at Erven in Santa Monica which is basically fine dining vegan food. We got to try kimchi gnocchi and black truffle chickpea fritters.  It was really quite an experience! Until next time LA! Well hopefully the next time I go it won’t be flooding. 😉

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