Taylor Shellfish

I was so excited to be asked to photograph for Taylor Shellfish a month or so ago.  My folks had a cabin out in Shelton while I was growing up, and I would spend weeks there as a kid, playing on the beach, digging clams, picking blackberries, walking on the mud flats. If you don’t know, Taylor Shellfish is based out of Shelton, WA.  You can check them out at Melrose Market on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Taylor will be opening up a few new oyster bars in Seattle over the next few months hence the need for new photos.

This was also my first shoot hiring Julie Hopper as a food stylist. She was lovely to work with, as I hope you can see from the photos. Taylor was such a fun client to work with and I was thankful to have my good friend Rolan Wong as an assistant. We got a lot of great shots, and everyone had fun that day. Looking forward to working with everyone from that day again!  It was a great team.  In all we got about 13 shots.

In other news, things have been busy!  I am looking forward to posting a few new projects that I was working on this past week, but for now I am in a sea of editing… Phew!


Amy Johnson_Taylor_Geoduck Amy Johnson_Taylor_Oysters Amy Johnson_Taylor_Oysters2 Amy Johnson_Taylor_Geoduck_Plated



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