Summer Ice Cream Shoot


I worked on a blog post with my dear friend Allison a few weekends ago.  We had a plan to shoot 3 recipes, Honey Goat Cheese Fig Ice Cream, which I made, and then Lemon Cookies for Ice Cream Sandwiches, and then a Basil Lemonade.  The ice cream was delicious and I made the fig jam from scratch for the recipe, which is pretty amazing, since I am not actually much of a cook.  I am trying more though! I also would say that it is a bit rich (I had added 1 more oz of the goat cheese than the recipe called for, so maybe even just leaving out the goat cheese and having a light vanilla fig jam ice cream would be amazing.  I made the fig jam by roasting the figs in the oven, covered with a mixture of brown sugar & honey, then putting them in the food processor.   The ice cream sandwiches however where a bit messy, with the ice cream not freezing, sooooo maybe that one will have to be for another day! Although messy, they were delicious, and the cookies were out of this world good.  The basil lemonade was super refreshing too.

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