Summer Vacation

Well it’s been about a month since I last posted anything, but I have a ton to post now! I have been doing a lot of shoots recently both tests (unpaid collaborations with stylists) and paid projects that I will be posting about soon. I have been recently doing a lot of interior shoots, so I will be sharing some of those as well. I really like being able to go out and see different homes, and always have. I worked for an interior designer while I was getting my BA, and I loved it. It’s like being able to sneak into someone else’s life and see how they live. It is really fascinating to me and can make for some cool imagery!

As far as my family vacation goes, I went out to my folks last month for a week, while my brother and his family were in town and then we drove out to Ocean Shores & Pacific Beach. I originally wasn’t going to take pictures but decided to after the 2nd half of the trip. Which is why there are actually so few. Haha We spent 4 nights at first in Shelton and then drove out to Ocean Shores to camp. My brother stayed in the cute town of Seabrook, which is kind of amazing. It’s this little village of vacation homes and cottages. There are restaurants, a spa, a gym, and totally catered to having little children. Definitely worth checking out.

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