Still Life with Rachel Grunig

So I am almost caught up in my blog posts! I photographed with food & prop stylist Rachel Grunig a little bit ago, and I just love working with her. I love all of the textures and colors in the overhead shoot with the plumcots and the lushness of the urban jungle shot.  I hope you enjoyed the photos!

On another note, this summer certainly feels like it has been a time of change and growth for me. I have been doing a lot of test shoots, with more still lifes and shooting interiors as well. I have a few jobs this up coming weekend with brand new clients. And I have been practicing shooting portraits. I definitely have been trying to learn more and do more than what I am used to. I have been assisting with other food photographers, and that has been a great learning experience. I also have been shooting a lot for Amazon Restaurants and my schedule changes day to day. As my friends know, I am kind of a control freak, so there has had to be a lot of letting go. Change is definitely uncomfortable for me, but of course with anything, practice makes things easier, and that is what I am finding all the time. I absolutely love this video where Ira Glass talks about the creative process and how what makes new things easier is doing it more! You should watch it if you haven’t.

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