Southern Spain, Part 1

When a good friend told me that she would be going to Spain and that I was welcome to come along I jumped at the opportunity!  I had never been to Europe before, and of course always wanted to go.  Having traveled extensively through the US during my 20s, I never had made it over, as a US plane ticket always seemed much more doable.

We spent the first 5 days in Puerto Banus & Marbella, along the southern coast of Spain.  This is THE place for the British rich & famous. Nothing but yachts and glamour as far as the eye could see.  We ate, swam in the Mediterranean, lounged by the pool, it was so relaxing.  We then ventured out to take a day trip to the hill town Ronda, which was a few hours up the windiest road I think any of us had ever been on.  The town was gorgeous of course and we visited beautiful old churches, museums, ate. Pretty much what we did the whole trip.

After being in Ronda & Marbella, we headed up to Granada.  We stayed at the most beautiful hotel, which was also so inexpensive. I was very surprised how reasonable things were in contrast to Seattle.  An lovely hotel room, for 88.00?  The prices seemed pretty unbelievable.  I took so many photos, that this is a good place to stop.  I will continue on with the Alhambra, Granada, Madrid & Nerja for the next blog post.

I will say this, Marbella was my favorite for relaxing, Granada & Madrid my favorite for food, Nerja the most beautiful, Granada was the most interesting in having a unique culture, and although not necessarily my favorite for anything in particular, I wouldn’t have missed going to Ronda.

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