Sasquatch Book Photo Shoot

Well it sure has been a long time since I posted. I just, this past week, submitted final photos for the new book, Animal Friends to Sew, coming out May 12th 2020. It is a new a new fun Animal sewing book by Sanae Ishida styled by Rachel Grunig and published by Sasquatch Books, with Art Direction by Anna Goldstein. Here is the link to the presale (EEEEK) if you want to order on Amazon.

I was so honored to be considered for this project to be the photographer! We started our talks last July, and did our first preshoot test was last August, if that gives you any idea how long it takes to start shooting a book. Then we went full force and shot a few solid weeks in April and again for another week in June, almost a year after our first meeting.

While we were shooting, we spent at least one full day of kids. I wasn’t as experienced doing it, but with a little research, practice, and encouragement, it went great and the kids were so cute. The trick is setting a pretty high shutter speed, and shallow depth of field, turns out.

It was so wonderful to get to work on this project along side some amazingly creative and talented, not to mention kind women. It really was an experience that I am very grateful to have had. I think the images came out so cute. And from start to finish, we all got along so well, and the shoot just went so smooth the whole way! I can’t believe how everything turned out from Sanae’s ideas, to Rachel’s styling, and turning them into photographs, and then a final book.

Here are a few of my favorite pics! A little sneak peak of some of the final images. Hope you enjoy!

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