Restaurants Galore!

Way back in March I had the opportunity to photography for Amazon Local and the restaurant ordering ap that they have for the iPhone.  Here are a few of my very favorites. We did something crazy like 19 restaurants in a week and a half, so I will have to split the images into a few posts.

A few of my favorites below are from  Via Tribunali, Lecosho, Eva, Bill Beach Sushi, Umi, and St Cloud. (In that order below) So many of the restaurants were kind enough to let us taste things and everything was amazing!

In other news, I am thoroughly enjoying the summer! Lots of swimming and beach time when I can. The weather in Seattle has been fantastic, in the mid 80s, which seems rare.  I am looking forward to a weekend in Vegas soon with some girlfriends.  It will be HOT though reaching 110.

Enjoy the photos!

Amy_Johnson_-8021 Amy_Johnson_-8037 Amy_Johnson_-8040 Amy_Johnson_-8014 Amy_Johnson_-8050 Amy_Johnson_-7917 Amy_Johnson_-7892 Amy_Johnson_-7867 Amy_Johnson_-7188 Amy_Johnson_-7088 Amy_Johnson_-8455 Amy_Johnson_-7638

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