Pumpkin Picking in the Fall

This seems like so long ago now, with Christmas and New Years already come and gone.  I went pumpkin picking with a few close friends back in October, to Bob’s Corn. I love doing this and Bob’s is my favorite of the pumpkin patches in Western Washington.  There is a lot you can do, and the corn maze is crazy big, usually I will get lost, and have to find some edge to crawl out.  There is also SO MUCH FOOD and hay rides.  We had our first delicious serving of pumpkin pie of the season there.  Now that Fall is over, and Winter is here, I am looking forward to doing some snowboarding and snowshoeing. I haven’t been snowboarding in a few years, but bought my first new board in years from a friend and looking forward to testing it out!  Also, I am looking forward to planning some new shoots, details in the works.  It is always exciting to have something new on the books.




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