Piroshky Piroshky

I had the opportunity a few weeks back to photograph for Piroshky Piroshky and had a great time doing it!  I always loved their food from when I was a kid.  When I would come into the city with my parents we would stop and get one, quick and family friendly.   They were great to work with and sent myself and my friend, who graciously offered to assist, a giant box of piroshkys to take home.  Delicious.


VColor_Piroshky_AmyJ__EasterCake_Med VColor_Piroshky_AmyJ_Apple_Med VColor_Piroshky_AmyJ_BeefNCheese_Med VColor_Piroshky_AmyJ_BoxOfPastries_Med VColor_Piroshky_AmyJ_Salmon_Med




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