Interiors with Elizabeth Herrera

Last month I got together with my friend and colleague Liz Hererra to work on a styled interior shoot. It was really fun! I love being able to practice shooting whenever I can, especially the more I am getting into interiors photography. Unfortunately I was feeling really under the weather that day. I am definitely feeling better now, though I am going through a very busy time. I am on a 2 week streak! More often than not my summers are typically slow, so this is a bit of a change!  It’s a good rule of thumb to say that the only thing constant is change. 😉

I am really looking forward to this summer. I have several trips planned, camping in Bellingham and a weekend trip to LA. I am also going to a food styling and photography workshop on Lummi Island, which I am really excited about.  I will definitely be posting pictures from that. I will end the summer with Feast in Portland, which is always a good time!

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