Interior Shoot with M.O.I. Designs

I had been thinking a lot about ways to expand my photography from just food, and I felt like shooting interiors would be the perfect addition! I had photographed some interiors while I was in school, and not quite sure why I never did more of it, since I really enjoyed it. I had also worked for an interior design company while I was getting my BA and for several years after I graduated school. It’s part of why I love food photography so much, the set up, the props, and the attention to small details.

I emailed Desirae Wilkerson, who owns M.O.I Designs in West Seattle, to see if she wanted to work together on a project. We had known each other for a long time, well before either of us were a photographer and interior designer. To my excitement she had a project coming up the next week. I love it when things happen like that. So I did some research and talked to some fellow photographers on some tips & tricks for interior lighting and shooting. Here are a few of the finished images. Isn’t this space so cute?? I had a lot of fun on this shoot and I definitely want to do more. Hope you enjoyed them! I think it went pretty well for my first interior shoot. 🙂 And you should definitely check out Desirae’s website, her interior design has such a fresh, clean, bright modern touch to it! Really pretty work.

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