Grapefruit Spritzer in the Studio

Last month I went to a class put on by Creative Live and Andrew Scrivani, an amazing food photographer who lives in New York. He talked about this lighting set up where he bounced a strobe head into a v-flat, which was then covered by a silk, which I really wanted to try.  I actually don’t have a v-flat at home, which is essentially a giant piece of foam core folded in two, which one side black and the other white. I don’t know how I would get something that big to my house without strapping it to the top of my car. What I do have is a very large umbrella which can be covered with a white silk cover. I had never used this light modifier before and was really excited to try it, the reason I hadn’t tried it was that the instructions were a bit confusing on setting up the mounting. After watching a tutorial I got it set up. The result was so pretty!  It is just a Paul C Buff 64′ umbrella which I got in soft silver and added the front diffusion fabric. I used a small, 2′ soft box for the fill. What do you think? It looks a lot like sunlight!  Which we haven’t really been seeing that much of in Seattle. I also really wanted to use blood oranges but it turns out their season is a week??  I saw them in the store and went back the following week and they were gone, so I ended up using grapefruit & rosemary.  On a side note, for styling, the ice cubes are fake. Hee hee. Could you tell?

In other news, I am hopefully planning a trip to the South next month. Which I would be super excited for. I have never been, but always wanted to go.  Crossing my fingers. 🙂 That way I would be able to hit Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi all in one trip.

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