Ginger Beer: 3 Ways

A few weeks ago, I had my friends Lindsay Burrows (stylist) and Allison Swanson (trained as a baker) over to make some varieties of Ginger Beer/Ale.  It was a really fun shoot. Lindsay focused on the styling, which looked amazing, and Allison cooked and researched the recipes, which tasted amazing.

We created mint, blood orange, and rosemary versions, and surprisingly the fan favorite was the rosemary.  These were technically infused ginger ales, but you can ferment them by finding a recipe where you add yeast, I have posted one below, and then they will be a legitimate ginger beer.  You can experiment by adding different varieties of herbs.  I thought a thyme one would be delicious as well.  Here are some links below to the recipes.

In other news, I am just finally now wrapping up the job I went to LA for, and I can’t wait to post those photos.  I also have planned a trip to LA & Palm Springs with my sister, which I am super excited for. I love Seattle, but this time of year, the gray skies do tend to drag on for a bit, so seeing some sunshine is going to be amazing!

Mint Ginger Ale

Blood Orange Ginger Ale

Rosemary Ginger Ale

How to Make Ginger Beer

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