Cakes & More Cakes with Rachel Grunig

I always love working with prop and food stylist Rachel Grunig. Over the last few weeks we did 2 tests, both of them were cake. We had to cut the day short the first round but we both ended up being so glad because the shoot turned out so wonderful the second day. It would have been a shame to rush it. We worked on creating a few GIFs which I am going to learn how to do later this week!

In other news, I have have had some extra time this month, which I have filled by taking some extra classes. I took a very interesting Instagram class yesterday, and as well as a baking class at Book Larder. I can bake biscuits now! I went to the inaugural Gather Seattle Matcha Mondays today. If you don’t know about Gather Seattle, you should definitely check them out. It is such a supportive community of women, I am very glad to be a part of it. Kari Brunson of Frankie & Joe’s and Juicebox spoke this morning, giving a little extra inspiration to a Monday.

I am also coming off two shoots last week, one was a pizzeria and the other was an interior shoot, which I look forward to sharing soon!

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