Bali Part 2, Ubud

Part 2 of our Bali trip continues with Ubud. Per the previous post, I didn’t take photos the whole time with my travel camera, about half are on my iPhone. My travel camera is pretty heavy, so for my next trip, I would love to downgrade to a lighter, less expensive camera that is a little easier to travel with. I also, believe it or not, took breaks from taking pictures. Nevertheless, here are our favorite places we visited in Ubud. Some will have photos and some not.

My friend Molly and I both really loved Ubud. We stayed at these amazing villas, The Samara, which I would highly recommend. The pool was wonderful, the staff were gracious, there was an amazing, fresh cooked breakfast every day, tea time, which were never around for, and the rooms were clean and private. The best part about staying there was that we were given cell phones to have mopeds come pick us up on the main street 24 hours a day. We would never have been able to find the hotel otherwise. Also it was very close to one of the famed rice paddy walks, with many street vendors and restaurants along the way.

Honestly, we could have just stayed at the villa the whole time, swimming, eating, walking and reading the whole time, but we did venture out to the town. We went to the famous Yoga Barn and did a heart opening meditation and the Monkey Forest. Molly and I thought we were going to die when we saw the baby monkeys, but couldn’t figure out why no one else was freaking out. We visited the Pyramids of Chi and had a gentleman sing to us Tibetan chants. We also went to two very decadent meals at Locavore and Room 4 Dessert. Both were amazing, but I would say after 2.5 hours I was really starting to get anxious at Locavore. AKA, Molly thought I might flip out. There were so many courses, I think probably 21 at each of the two restaurants. I can’t describe exactly how wonderful the Room 4 Desserts dinner was, but they moved us to 3 different parts of the restaurant, so it seemed to move along a little faster. We also got amazing massages, and went to the Water Temple and an art museum. Phew! All in 4 days. As I said though, we could have just as easily stayed at the villa. We did enjoy Ubud more perhaps than Canggu, as it was slower paced, and we could actually walk around there and feel pretty safe. We felt it was more authentic than Canggu, although Canggu was a bit more hipster, and geared toward the tourist, yoga crowd.

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