Amazon Local Part 2

There were so many restaurants that we photographed when I worked on the launch of the Amazon Local restaurant delivery app that I couldn’t put them all in one post.  Here are some more favorites.

In order below with one photo from each: Radici, Mioposto, Metropolitan Grill, Maximilien, Lecosho, and El Gaucho.  It was a really fun project, and as you can see, so many different kinds of food. It was a great learning experience for me too, to shoot at all times of the day, in so many varied lighting conditions.  Working within the design and client requirements forced me to shoot vertical, something I don’t normally choose to do.  The most restaurants that we photographed in a day was 4, which previously for me had been 1, so it definitely helped me be super fast and move on to the next shot. It was also really great to work with an onsite client for approval at each of the restaurants, which helped to speed up the process too.



Amy_Johnson_-7298 Amy_Johnson_-8231 Amy_Johnson_-8578 Amy_Johnson_-8329 Amy_Johnson_-7886 Amy_Johnson_-7488

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