2014, You’ve been great!

I can’t believe 2014 is over.  I had a fun and exciting year!  I started working somewhere new and met some really great people.  I was also able to photograph for a bunch of new clients and go on some much needed trips.  I feel very lucky and grateful for all the new friends I made and new experiences I had.  Doing new things for me isn’t always the easiest, so it has also been a bit scary, (ok really scary) but I have tried as much as possible to push those fears aside and the results have been very rewarding.  Much better than if I had chosen to back out, simply because I was afraid to do something new. There were some difficult times as well but what I am starting to learn, trying to accept, and almost appreciating is that there couldn’t be good without bad.

I was also able to do some traveling this past year.  I went to Chicago, Missoula, Las Vegas, LA, Denver, and Pheonix and hope to do more traveling plus at least one international trip for the coming year.  I am currently planning a trip to the southern coast of Spain for July.

Oh, I also moved, which was soooooo needed.  Moving out of a place where I could never sleep to a place that feels a lot like home, has been one of the best changes I made last year.

As far as  resolutions for the new year,  I usually don’t make a lot, but I just want to continue on the journey I am on.  I hope to do even more traveling for work and with friends. And cook more, and do more yoga. And see more music. Ok, maybe I do have some.  🙂 I am definitely looking forward to what 2015 holds in store.  Hope you have had a great year and wishing you a happy 2015!





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